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As a experienced hair extension fitter myself I know only too well the stress and anxiety of issues that arise around faulty or unlooked after hair.

Now as a supplier with a clear and in depth understanding of the manufacturing process of which hair extensions go through I am I able to help educate and teach our buyers, students and clients the importance of using the correct products.

Firstly our hair is human Remy hair so your extensions should not Matt or tangle if using the correct products , if you are using the correct care and this does happen then we would test your hair for manufacturing faults.

Dry extensions

As your hair isn’t receiving the nutrients from your scalp you need to feed the hair ( that’s right feed ) especially them ends as they are still the weakest part of the hair , by using a hair oil or serum you will reintroduce the nutrition into the hair this will prevent dry , limb looking ends.

“My hair extensions are going shorter”

Oil, treatment ,mask

The above products will help with this yes your ends will split and snap off if you do not use anything on the ends of your extension.

Sulphate free ????

Yes yes yes this will completely clarify your extensions removing any product that could damage your hair...

Follow with a deep conditioner

Is my hair actually from a person ???

If you are purchasing from us the answer is yes and unfortunately we do not know the exact donor of your hair , which means we can not tell you if your hair extensions are naturally wavy , straight , curly , this is why everyone’s extensions will dry differently and most importantly why the aftercare is put in place. When purchased from us they will come straight as this is part of the manufacturing process after a couple of washes they will return to their original texture , With the hair importing industry being the second biggest in the world sourcing raw hair material is becoming more difficult ’facing facts’ theirs only so much hair to go around ’right’ so we need to ensure we are using the correct care ...


  1. Use the correct aftercare.

  2. Use a hair mask weekly.

  3. Section and blow dry your hair.

  4. Sleep with your hair tied away in a plait on pony.

  5. Wash your hair 2/3 a week


  1. Bleach or colour your extension.

  2. Go into sea water or chlorine.

  3. Avoid sun beds.

  4. Neglect your hair extension.

‘My hair extensions have gone short and rubbish’

The biggest declaration from so many hair extension wearers , oil them ends , stop over heating , keep your extensions conditioned , if they look dry treat them , this will prevent split ends and help keep your length but over time a trim 6-8 week on your extensions will keep them looking brand new.

If you follow the above and still find your having issues with your hair then we would look at your extensions for testing , as part of our testing we run a elasticity and ph test and a trichorrhexis nodose when needed , this will indicate what care your extensions have received and identify any manufacturing faults.

Your rights are not affected by this blog but when purchasing our hair you are agreeing with our terms and conditions which include following the correct hair care.

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