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How do you protect hair extensions on holiday?

It’s important to keep your Hair Extensions tied up and out of the water when in a swimming pool or the sea. The salt and chlorine will severely dry out your extensions. Other chemicals present in swimming pools can react with lighter Hair Extensions changing their colour to pink, green or orange. Use a swimming cap if necessary and/or apply a conditioner as a barrier.

How do you protect hair extensions on holiday?

If you do accidentally get seawater or chlorine on your Hair Extensions, you should wash immediately & never allow pool or seawater to dry into your extensions. Hair Extensions are highly likely to matt when left and tied up wet like this.

Malibu C products available on the 'Aftercare' section on our website and can help remove discolouration but are not 100% effective, prevention is better than cure. Many customers take the Malibu C Hard Water Shampoo and Conditioner set with them on holidays which includes 4 treatment sachets. There are no refunds or exchanges for this kind of discolouration, the above advice only reduces the chance of occurrence.

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