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Russian vs Indian

With 500 trade buyers on board we really do want each and every one of you choosing our brand to work with ….

Why ????

With two completely different lines of hair we really do tick ✔️ all your clients needs ,,

Our reward system means you earn money 💰 back on each order , You can redeem throughout the year or save towards the end of the year.

We work extremely close with our repeat trade buyers and help them on everything business related , colour matches , pricing structures ect.


Our indian hair is our budget range of hair although it still holds the characteristics of our luxury range , super thick , wide range of colours including mixed shades , various weight options. It is a multi donor hair this means that the hair is collected from various sources and made into bundles it is processed differently to our luxury hair but by doing so this makes the processing time faster and really does help keep out stock levels up….

One of the characteristics of this hair is that it can swell or become frizzy like looking if the correct products are not used … if Your clients choose this hair and look after it correctly you can reuse this hair upto nine month..

This hair is not ideal for clients that do not have the time to look after the hair , it needs daily care… All this being said our best selling product on our website is the 150g 20” Indian range


Our Russian blended hair is not only our luxury hair range but we believe it to be one of the highest sourced quality hair available in the current hair market , The one donor hair is hand picked from our overseas partners and we are fully involved with each step of the journey ensuring it stays in optimum condition until it reaches it’s final destination us , the unique processing and advanced colouring technology used it what really makes the difference to this hair.

In addition to the flat weft track , the colour choice is really what does make this hair stand out , creamy blondes , ashy tones , and a array of colours designed by our team are what separate us from many of the uk suppliers ..

finally with a life span of 12 month plus this really is a all round winning product 💕


As many of you know our colour ring is suitable for both the Indian and Russian hair how ever in February we are adding the additional colours in the rosie range which Are not yet on the ring.

SHADES to be added to the ring these are only available in the Russian range and will be identifiable on the ring with a rr# before each colour.









Thanks for reading any enquiries can be answered at

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