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Hair Extensions

The Rosie range is the highest sourced hair available in the current hair extension industry.


The hair is sourced directly from individual donors , minimal processing leaves this hair in the optimum condition.


The processing time for this hair is 6 weeks due to the advanced colouring techniques involved when processing…


This hair is double drawn and comes on the new revolutionary genius weft.


The weft is available in 50g pieces or 150g.


22-23” means you will receive no shorter than 22” and no longer than 23”.


This hair will last 12 month plus with correct care.

🛍The Exclusive Rosie Range 18/19” -22/23”

  • Following aftercare is the key to the longevity and lifespan of this hair , please follow the aftercare given by your provider.

    Life span 12 month plus

    Using this guide wil help you get the most out of your extensions , failure to do so will result in any return being void, when you purchase from us you agree to do the following.

    1. Wash using a sulphate free shampoo alternating with a regular deep conditioning shampoo.

    2.  Condition using a hydtating mask weekly

    3.Oil when wet and blow dry in sections using medium heat

    4.Oil every day middle to end of your extensions

    5.Trim your extensions every 8 week  

    6.Use heat defense every time you apply heat.

    7.Use a silk pillow and wear hair in a loose poney or braid for bed

    Do not go on the sunbeds, or wear extensions on holiday , we recommend attatching clips and wearing them at evening on vacation. Sun,chlorine,sea water, heat ,purple shampoo can all damage and discolour your extensions do so at your own risk.