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Special Offers

Hair Extensions

Nano rings from European hair donors this hair can last 6 month plus with correct care ..

Each bundle comes in 25g with each individual extension being 1g strand …

We recommend the following amounts for thickness..

Fine hair up to x3 packs 75g

Thick hair full head x6-8 packs 150-200g

Side fillers x1-2 pack 25-50g


  • When you purchase our hair extensions you are buying into our terms and conditions policy, which means you will follow the aftercare guide we instruct on this purchase . Failure to do so would void any returns on hair .

    Aftercare is to be followed from the day of installation.

    L’Oréal mythic oil every day middle to ends

    A deep conditioning hair mask to be used once a week.

    Alternate using a sulphate free and a hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

    Avoid heating daily .

    Where a silk bonnet for bed or sleep on a silk pillow.

    Use a protection spray when heating.

    Remove hair extensions for holidays.

    Avoid swimming in chlorine or sea water.

    Do not bleach or tone your extensions.

    Your hair extensions are human hair just like your own they are all different and will act differently no set is guarenteed to be the same their fore some sets may curl better than others , some may need more care than others.